I finally had a chance to visit the family farm this fall just as apple season was wrapping up and in time to find the farm store shelves chock full of all my fall favorites. Typically I leave half a suitcase worth of space available to pack full of apples to bring back to California with... Continue Reading →

Ever the kid at heart, I absolutely love holiday traditions. My favorite Halloween one is pumpkin carving. As a kid, I couldn't wait to pick out the best pumpkin from the bunch we were selling at the farm store, and set up shop on the kitchen table with my siblings and dad for a pumpkin... Continue Reading →

Fig and Almond Cake

We didn't have fig season where I grew up, but now it's something I look forward to as a California resident. I can't wait for those pretty purple fruits arrive in the markets in late summer so I can try some new way to enjoy them.

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