The Scoop: Serendipity on the Oregon Trail

We made our first trip to Oregon over the long weekend for a friend’s wedding, and took advantage of the opportunity to spend a couple of extended days there to really get the lay of the the land. Of course, that provided the perfect opportunity to try a bit of the ice cream scene, too.

Before heading to Portland, we took a detour to wine country to sample some of our favorite varietals from the Willamette Valley. We stayed in the adorable little town of McMinnville, where it seems like the number of the bakeries and other amazing food options outnumbers the people ten to one. Heavenly smells seep from every corner.

On one such corner sits a charming old-time ice cream shop called Serendipty (not to be confused with the famous New York City shop). It looks like they’ve set themselves up in an old Victorian-era western bar.

IMG_7366The place is floor-to-ceiling hardwood. A great big bar mirror hangs on the back wall and an ice cream display case subs in for where the bar might have been. Little round wooden tables are clustered in a cramped parlor area, and a self-playing piano is tinkling out a tune in the corner. It looks like something straight out of West World (albeit, a very innocent version of West World).


Frankly, the ice cream is nothing to write home about.  It is pretty much your standard run-of-the-mill Hershey’s or Baskin Robbins quality and flavor options. But after a long day of wine tasting, when all you need is a sweet treat at a decent price, this place will do the trick.

They don’t make the ice cream there in store, although is it Oregon-made. I sampled the Huckleberry, which had a nice bold berry flavor, and walked away with a bowl of the Moose Tracks. Again, pretty standard as far as Moose Tracks goes.


This place isn’t so much about the ice cream as it is the experience. The staff is super friendly and the ambiance completely embodies the charm of the town. Plus, you’ll be supporting a good cause; they are part of a program that provides job opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities.

I also highly recommend the baked goods. We couldn’t resist stopping back later for a couple of delicious, perfectly chewy homemade cookies. Yum!

More on our next stops on the Oregon [Ice Cream] Trail next time…


Flavor: 🍦🍦

Texture: 🍦🍦

Quality: 🍦

Consistency: 🍦🍦

Creativity: 🍦

Total score: 2 scoops

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