Adjusting the Recipe

Note from the Author

You will note an adjustment to the format of Little Deux Scoop. In today’s trying environment, I’m going to shift gears and chronicle some of the new daily experience – or at least my quirky take on it – and ways to “survive” it. While it is in no way my intention to downplay the seriousness of the situation, I feel it’s important to find some joy – and even humor – within our new reality. Hopefully I can provide a bit of (comic) relief.

Please take my words lightly and my advice with a grain of salt.

“When humor goes, there goes civilization.”

Erma Bombeck

As a farm girl, I learned some valuable skills that have served me well over the years: a strong work ethic, an ability to get creative with what’s on hand, a waste-not attitude. But now more than ever I am beginning to appreciate how the real “hard” skills like cooking, preserving, sewing, growing, foraging, building, and operating heavy machinery are going to give me the edge in this strange time. In the face of a global pandemic, I feel pretty well-prepared…at least against the competition in metropolitan San Francisco.

Now, I could choose to keep my farm girl intelligence to myself and maintain my competitive edge against the rest of humanity. But because I believe you good people of the world all deserve a fighting chance, too (and, frankly, I already have a huge head start so I can afford to give a little away and not lose my lead), I am sharing with you key lessons from my Modern Farm Girl’s Survival Guide.

You’re welcome.

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