Adjusting the Recipe

Note from the Author You will note an adjustment to the format of Little Deux Scoop. In today's trying environment, I'm going to shift gears and chronicle some of the new daily experience - or at least my quirky take on it - and ways to "survive" it. While it is in no way my... Continue Reading →

Apple Cider Ice Cream #4

This latest apple cider ice cream is a pretty pumpkin latte-hued scoop with a creamy texture and a lovely fall spice flavor somewhere between a mulled cider and a chai tea latte.

The Scoop: Double 8 Dairy Buffalo Milk Gelato

Undeterred by all the "closed" signs, we stopped at the local Palace Market grocery store to scope out the wares. It was here, buried way in the back behind the meat and seafood counter, I made the most magical discovery of the entire weekend: Buffalo milk gelato.

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